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Pine Needle Creations by Sheri


Pine Needle Basket making workshop

Posted on August 26, 2013 at 10:50 AM
IMG 0896[1]Another "Eye Like It" pine needle basket workshop day.
Everyone had a good time learning a new skill, and of course getting to know each other while we worked on a basket.
I had the chance to spend time with Donna, who has been friends with me through facebook for a while now.  Bardee, a friend I have known for years was also there and we got to catch up on old friends. The two 14 year old twins, were amazing and came up with new stitches as the day went on.
Molly, who has come to a few of the workshops came by to weave with us with her usual wonderful energy.
All in all another positive fun, creative day! Yah :}

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