Pine Needle Creations by Sheri Smith

55819 King Rd. E McKenzie Bridge OR 97413 US



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:Testimonials :

Dear Sheri,

You're a gifted teacher - atop your many other gifts: instructions that are clearly stated, patient help to anyone who calls out, and - most appreciated - always affirming the student. To everyone you said, 'that's beautiful!' and you meant it. So, we believed in ourselves...or, at least, tried to!

Once I got home, I could 'hear' what my piece was wanting. I've named her "La Mer" - the sea - as if we're standing on the beach (naked pine needles) looking out toward the horizon. I'm delighted that the matte beads DO sparkle when the light is just right - precisely what happens on the water, whatever the light source!  

This morning I went to the bead shop for a single, large white matte bead for the cord (and to show and tell!) but they are closed today and tomorrow. "Flu Bug" the sign said. Sad...

Enjoy a couple of snapshots. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, sharing your infectious passion and beeswax! I spruced up my piece from the first class I had with you a couple of years ago. It has a respected place on my altar, as you can see. Looks polished again!

With love and admiration,